About Us

Trois Crayons & Cie

Greetings cards 100% made in Quebec, offered by Trois Crayons & Cie. Their cards are designed and produced by their team from A to Z, ensuring higher standards of quality. There is an original card for every occasion; the only thing you need to do is choose your favourite to give.

The company’s name was inspired by a drawing technique favoured by the 18th century masters involving the use of “trois crayons” or chalk; red, black and white. This name truly reflects the artistic inclination of the business.


À proposIt all started...

In 2002. After a foray in the fields of design and cinema, Mélanie Cherrier was looking for a new career path that would allow her to do what she knows and likes best: create. So why not greeting cards? After all, she had always liked greeting cards and envied the ones who designed them. It was now her turn to show what she was capable of and to pour emotion into her drawings. She therefore jumped on the opportunity at hand, as was her habit.

Julie was not far behind. She received a call from her sister on a beautiful morning in 2006, offering her to join in on her blooming project. Julie already knew the answer to the question – yes! This gave the two sisters, who had always followed one another, a chance to get to work together once more. The time of toy-sharing was long gone... Now, it was time to share their strengths, their talent and their work.

Mélanie now fills the role of artistic director and product designer, while Julie manages the administration. The two brains are once again reunited for a perfect balance.